the fullcube platforM delivers:

INTEGRATING AND AUTOMATING Membership-based businesses

  • Simplifies The Consumer Experience And Maximizes Revenues For Membership Offerings From Publishers, Media, Entertainment and Sports Companies, And Professional Organizations
  • Provides An Infrastructure That Creates A Premium Membership Product And Integrates Multiple Subscription Offerings Into A Single Hierarchy Through The Bundling Of Digital Content, Commerce, Event And Experiential Assets
  • allows Brands to establish a single and secure credit card-on-file relationship for all Membership and Recurring offerings
  • a single customer service UI/UX that enables the upselling or saving of Members or Subscribers into any one of your Membership offerings for increased retention and LTV
  • Delivers automated streams of communications (email, SMS, Push Notifications) during Membership, along with both pre and Post Membership for acquisition or reactivation
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Membership Management

  • Enable strategic "offline to Online" payments strategy in PCI-compliant way
  • Establish single Credit Card-on-File for all memberships and commerce
  • Offer automated ACH payments as a hybrid (online without card) alternative
One Time & Recurring
  • Frictionless commerce using Amazon-like credit card-on-file
  • Recurring membership payments with flexible installment amounts and terms
  • Automated recycling of failed credit card billings and Account Updater service
Trials & Review
  • Offer pre-billing trials of membership offerings in days, weeks or months
  • Offer post-billing money-back guarantee review periods for membership offerings
  • Enable high-touch communications based and and around trials and reviews
UpSell & Save
  • Leverage single Audience database to upsell into more premium memberships
  • Downsell or save canceling members into lower priced offerings
  • Consolidate Service Center functions to support all member relationships

Integrated Workflows
For Circulation Teams

Sample Workflow #1
"Customer Service Workflow"
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Sample Workflow #2
"Member Acquisition Marketing"
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The Fullcube platform can connect with any existing API-based system to deliver a single workflow for each and every marketing campaign and operational processes creating triggered and automated workflows saving significant time and money.

Typical Workflows may include integrations such as:

Member Management

Scalable MongoDB database of record for capturing all member data including demographics, transactions, operations, communications, fulfillments and more.

Multi-channel marketing campaign management tools for sourcing and tracking cohort group Cost-per-Acquisition, marketing ROI, and member Lifetime Value.

State of the art Angular.js UI/UX for CRM-like accessing and management of Audience data by Customer Service departments and functions.

End to end Audience engagement communication streams for the life of the relationship through personalized Email, SMS and pushed web chats.

Cohort Analysis / Business Intelligence

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